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Welcome to the Life Moves Podcast! (previously called Beyond the 3D)

In this podcast, Michael shares Practical Enlightenment called, "Life Moves." Each move emanates from his experiential wisdom to help you be and feel the best and most powerful version of yourself every day. 

Join Michael J. Russ and experience the full feeling of owning your power and creating your life.

Jun 26, 2018

You have the ability to master your life, you just need to access it. In his first series episode in the Mastering Your Life series, Michael dives in to what it means to master your life and how you can get started.

It is your life journey. Owning your power, practicing alchemy, and mastering life's ups, downs, lefts, and rights is front and center in this meaty episode. 

If you are a subscribing listener, this episode will build upon what you have heard up to now. If this is your first time listening to this podcast, welcome! Start here, then go back 13 episodes to catch up on what you missed. You will not regret doing it, especially if you are just gaining an awareness of your ability to control and create your life. Happy listening!