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Welcome to the Life Moves Podcast! (previously called Beyond the 3D)

Happiness, success, love, prosperity, and abundance are vibrational frequencies that are innate to who you are. This podcast shares "Life Moves" you can apply everyday to experience these frequencies, so they expand and attract the same. 

Each practical "Life Move" emanates from "Individual Sovereignty" and "Personal Alchemy" to empower you to elevate your frequencies and create every aspect of your reality in real time! 

You have been given the tools to control every aspect of who you are. So, happiness, love, joy, creativity, fulfillment, and more, are only a vibrational frequency away. 

Listen, share, and begin to experience the magnificence that is YOU and YOUR LIFE!

Sep 7, 2017

Back in 2003, I authored an audio book called Powerful Sales: Manage Your Energy, Achieve Your Goals. The book reveals practical concepts I have been using for over 20 years to manage time and energy and enhance my abundance as a fully commissioned sales professional.

In this episode of Beyond the 3D, you have the chance to hear Awareness: Tune in for Success, the entire second chapter in Powerful Sales. 

The principles I write about are universal and can be applied to any career or profession.

Give this chapter a listen, enhance your awareness. If you are inspired by what you hear, you can download the entire audio book on or The chapters you will hear are:

  • It's Your Choice (why you should engage your right to choose)
  • Be, Do Have (my innovative goal achieving method) 
  • The Successful Response (Respond successfully to any adversity)
  • The Power of Self-talk (a self-talk primer you can use to set yours on fire)
  • Be Accountable (my #1 concept for reducing self-generated adversity)
If you want your life to be different, if you want to make the absolute most of the opportunities presented to you, and if you want to be happy and fulfilled by everything you do, my audio books can help by giving you tools and methods you can apply to make this happen.
I care about you and want to help you in anyway I can. Ultimately, however, I can only give you the tools and support. Only YOU can build the life you want!
Enjoy the listen. As always, I welcome your comments.